Nikon D3000

Digital SLR cameras were primarily for the professional photographers that need all the options to play around with to get the perfect shot regardless of the scenario. But there are a number of photographers that want to get digital SLR cameras of their own because they take better quality photos than the standard point-and-shoot ones. Editing photos just to fix their quality can be quite a chore if hundreds of photos are taken. Nikon provides a solution for these people by offering a new entry-level camera – the Nikon D3000.

Nikon D3000

Nikon D3000

Nikon D3000’s Position in the D Series

The Nikon D50 which was introduced back in 2005 was the first of the entry series, but it was later replaced with the D40 and later sister camera – the D40x which didn’t last too long and was later replaced with the D60. With the D40 standing for nearly 3 years and the D60 as a newer alternative, entry-level photographers still needed to compare the features of both and pick the right one to fit their needs. Now the D3000 replaces both these models going back to the D50 roots where there is one modern entry-level camera.


Because of the old age of its predecessors, the Nikon D3000 sees a complete redesign of the body to make it resemble the other recently introduced midrange cameras, but that shouldn’t intimidate existing D40 owners as the controls are generally in the same locations. The new body is more of a comfort upgrade where there is a slight grip side rise making the D3000 much easier to handle. The mode dial also uses a new pattern for easier grip as well. Some of the edges and buttons have been rounded too and the cut allows gives easier access to the focus and zoom rings while keeping the palm rested.

Features remain the same on the sides and back, but one of the biggest design improvements is the larger 3.0-inch TFT LCD display which surprisingly surpasses the 2.7-inch of the D5000. Although the resolution remains the same, the font size is around 20% larger than the previous cameras making it excellent for entry-level users to comprehend. Some of the buttons had to be repositioned because of this larger screen, but the layout remains the same with some buttons having a slightly different shape. The top view is also the same as the earlier entry level models with the exception of a new GUIDE setting which bumps up the total of different modes on the mode dial to 13.

Actual user review:
“After doing a ton of research online and trying out my sister-in-law’s slightly older Nikon D40, I settled on the new D3000. And I love it! It really is easier to use than I could’ve imagined, and the shots I’ve gotten so far are amazing. I have no photographic training, but I am really delighted with the pictures I’ve been getting so far. I never could have imagined there would be SUCH a huge difference. I’ve actually gotten -sharp- pictures of my toddler in motion, rather than just kid-shaped blurs! I took it to a local park last night for a couple hours and took some really nice photos there, too.” – A.Coxon (MI,USA)


Plenty of features were introduced to many of the newest cameras that added to the midrange, and high-end lineups and fortunately, some of the features have been implemented in the new D3000 along with some of the favorite features that the D40 and D60 features enjoyed. The resolution stays at 10.2 megapixels with a 3.00x zoom and since it replaces the D40, now all of the latest cameras in the family have double digit resolutions.

The lens of the camera sees a decent upgrade with the D3000 now coming with the 18-55 VR lens which adds image-stabilization. It is complemented with a much bigger update on the inside with the new EXPEED image processor which is responsible for increasing the speed and sensitivity of the camera. This allows it to shoot 3 fps images and 100 to 1600 ISO sensitivities. These taken shots can be stored in the .NEF Raw image format which is new to Nikon cameras and can optionally make a JPEG copy at the same time.

There are some noticeable improvements to the autofocus as well where the Multi-CAM 1000 module is taken from the D90 and D5000 raising the number of focusing points from 3 to 11. The D3000 also features an efficient dust control system that uses vibration to get rid of the dust from the image sensor and low-pass filter.

Bottom Line

The Nikon D3000 has other minor changes that put the entry-level series to present time. In fact, entry-level users will love the new Guide mode which further assists these beginners by showing friendly visuals to help them choose the right options for their next shot. Combined with the other inherited features from other cameras and the fact that it doesn’t change much in both size and price, the D3000 is a must upgrade for D40 and D60 users.

Average User Rating:

  • “I shopped around for a new DSLR for over a month and I ended up with this one because it is the best camera out right now for you’re money. It is easy to use and lightweight compared to other dslr’s. I feel I made a wise purchase and would recommend this camera to anyone on a tight budget but looking for a real dslr. It was just released on the market 3 days ago so you’ll have a modern product. Buy this camera!” – E.Chambers (Orlando, FL,USA)
  • “We were looking at the nikon D40 at the camera store. The lady showed us this one. She said they weren’t making the D40 anymore and that this one is replacing it. After years of little box cameras I was happy to find this. Its very very basic and easy on the eyes. The instructions are pretty easy to understand. I usually just keep it on automatic. the pictures are better then my little Canon box camera. Unlike my husband’s heavier Nikons, its feather lite. We took pictures indoors and at the oceanfront. The clarity is amazing. Its like the boats colors were bright and freshly painted. I used the auto night setting to take some pictures of my daughter’s cat sitting inside the window. They were perfect. I’ve never thought such a small camera could do so much. Its much better then the little canon I have tucked away. Its worth the price and is something that will last a long long time. I know its going to come in handy for the holidays. My husband swears by the name. It’s a very good camera.” – Martha S. (NY,USA)

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